Spring, Summer, Surveys and Species

What we've been up to...

These apologies for long overdue updates to our news page are becoming a little embarrassing to say the least.... 

However, finally I have carved out the time for a catch up on what we've been up to this past 6 months.

Surveys this year got off to a roaring start with bat surveys literally coming out of our ears (Brown Long-eared ears that is)! We've been looking at several new sites this year, including the Atmos Totnes site (see projects page). It is a particularly interesting site and is located between two strategic flyways and within a sustenance zone for the South Hams Special Area of Conservation for Greater Horseshoe bats http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/protectedsites/sacselection/sac.asp?EUCode=UK0012650  so the level of bat surveys required is considerably more than usual. So far we've had some interesting results with a number of bat species identified to be using the site. In addition, we've been undertaking all the surveys necessary to inform the Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) for the site including surveys for dormice, otters, invertebrates, reptiles and breeding birds. 

We've also been undertaking monitoring surveys of a badger sett in Somerset for the past 8 months and have some nice footage from the camera trap including badgers (see video), lots of rabbits and a strutting magpie that comes into view on occasion. Other than that it seems to mostly capture nettles blowing in the wind and surveyors moving the camera, although it's always great fun going through the video's when they arrive back in the office!

Talking of offices- having nearly moved into a new office this April, for various reasons that has now been put on hold until next year. Our business address remains the same as always with Laura working from her base in Cornwall the majority of time. Amanda Turek (our Assistant Ecologist) is still part of the team and is by all accounts enjoying her new role. She graduated this spring and is currently awaiting results- fingers crossed for you Amanda (although I have no doubts you will pass with flying colours)! She has been undertaking quite a bit of the reptile survey work this year and came across a beautiful blue Slow-worm on a survey recently.... apparently the full-size adult grass snake basking on a mat was a bit more scary!