Welcome to the team....

We are excited to announce that earlier this month we took on an assistant ecologist, here are a few words from her:

Hello everyone,

I’m Amanda the new Assistant Ecologist at Tor Ecology! I’m currently in the final year of my degree studying BSc Conservation Biology at Plymouth University. From an early age I developed a keen interest in nature and have spent the past four years gaining qualifications and skills to pursue a career in the ecological field. I’m currently training towards Natural England Licences for dormice and bats and hope to pick up a few more along the way!

I particularly enjoy survey work, especially mammal surveys. Last week I assisted Jenni in a badger survey, where we spent the day crawling through dense hedgerows of blackthorn searching for signs of badgers and their setts. It probably doesn’t sound like everyone’s idea of fun, however there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the main sett just before you are about to call it a day! For my first badger survey it was a great learning curve as we saw plenty of signs of badgers and with over 16 well-used entrance holes; its safe to say it was one rather large sett!

I’m so excited about joining the team at Tor Ecology. I’m looking forward to working alongside Jenni and Laura, where I can expand and develop new skills by assisting them on various projects across the country!